Amk Air Suspension Compressor for Discovery 4

Currently, the AMK compressor cannot be fully refurbished, but we can provide the following services for your AMK Unit.

Perform an initial test on your AMK Compressor to determine the functional status of the compression and exhausting functions.

If the compression function is serviceable and within specification, we can do a full service and repair of the Exhaust Valve System on your AMK Compressor.

Once re-assembled, the unit undergoes a leak test and is then subjected to a comprehensive functional test on our dedicated test bench. A test report is generated and kept for future reference and available to clients on request.

Please note that this is subject to the client providing us a complete AMK compressor with no missing or broken fittings, fixtures and cables.


We offer a 6 month carry-in warranty from date of invoice on the Exhaust Valve System only. As we cannot perform any repair or service functions on the Compression System, no warranty will be provided for the Compressor Section of the AMK compressor.

Price: R1000 Excl VAT / R1140 Incl VAT

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