Air Suspension Compressor

The Air Suspension Compressor is completely dismantled and every part is cleaned and checked. Some parts are replaced by default and the rest on condition. The drier, a very important part of the air suspension system, is completely overhauled with new Silica Crystals and new filters. The dryer cap has a weakness to crack between the two ports which is overcome by a special modification to the dryer cap.

Once re-assembled, the unit undergoes a leak test and is then subjected to a comprehensive functional test on a dedicated test bench. A test report is generated and kept for future reference and available to clients on request.

Please note that the product is supplied without the aluminum mounting bracket. The bracket must be removed and retained by the client for re-use. If a bracket is required, we can supply a good second hand unit but must be ordered as a separate item. Refer to our product catalogue.


We offer a 6 month carry-in warranty from date of invoice.

The warranty does not cover a "Burnt Motor" condition.

Exchange Unit Surcharge

The price shown is on the proviso that a refurbisheable exchange unit is supplied to us when purchasing the refurbished Air Suspension Compressor. The purchasing of a refurbished unit without providing an exchange unit would have to be negotiated. Such an exception would be subject to prevailing circumstances. In a case where such an exception is granted, an additional core charge of R2000 (Excl VAT) would be added to the quoted price.

Price: R5600 Excl VAT / R6384 Incl VAT

(Trade Client Discounts Apply)

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