AutoTech Elegance

Auto Tech Elegance (ATE) was started in July 2015 by two friends, Dave Middlemost and Philip Lochner, both avid classic car enthusiasts and owners of old (British) cars. The objective of the company is to address key needs in the automotive industry and supply niche market solutions to these needs.

Based on an interest in things automotive, it is the intention to expand ATE 's range of products with items which can be described as offering "elegant solutions" to motoring requirements or challenges - hence the company name. Having years of experience in the electronic engineering and aviation industry, "things electronic" are likely to feature in ATE's portfolio.

The Land Rover Discovery 3 Air Suspension Compressor is a good example. Here we have an item which, with time, develops issues which renders the car unusable. With engineering ingenuity and key replacement parts, the compressor can be given a second life at a much more affordable cost than a new replacement unit.

We hope to expand our range of products with other interesting and relevant products not commonly available in South Africa. Some of these will be imported and some will be locally developed and manufactured. Needless to say, we would love to hear from you what products you would like to see being offered here.